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I’ve been working with Premier for over a year and they always do a great job on their loan submissions. The files are clean and they move through our sytem with ease. Every Processor communicates well and in a timely manner. I highly recommend doing business with this company.

Premier Processing is an A-1 organization! They have been a tremendous help to me
and my business. As a new Mortgage Broker, I did not know a whole lot getting started. They held my hand and provided the support we needed to get loans closed and in
great time! They were well versed with the various lenders we used and offered out-of-the box thinking. Very professional and a pleasure to work with!

While at a previous mortgage venture, I was partnered with Premier Processing and was extremely happy with the services provided. Specifically, I liked their attention to detail and structured format. When I started my own company in 2016, my sales manager had a relationship set-up with a different processing company. As time went on, we were reminded over and over again the benefits of working with Premier Processing, and
ultimately reached out to reestablish and secure a relationship. Our first loan closed in 11 days with 2 national holidays back-to-back (Christmas and New Year’s). Our 2nd loan closed in 17 days! Many loans later we just received another cleared to close in just 8 days! They are eager when they get to learn new wholesale lenders and procedures, and experts at the ones they work with already. I highly recommend Premier.